Litigation Writs 10/12/96

Administrators of the estate of a Nottingham woman who died from an asbestos-related disease said to have been caused by a gas mask are suing Boots. Agnes Bakewell died on 13 June 1988 from mesothelioma. The writ issued by administrators of her estate claims her death resulted from the negligent manufacture and testing of gas masks by Boots in 1940. Boots is contesting the action.

Writ issued by Leigh Day & Co, London WC1. Boots is contesting the claim through Davies Arnold Cooper, London EC4.

A soldier left paralysed after being hit by a car on an army training exercise is suing the MoD. Jonathan Bell, 32, suffered fractures to his spine, ribs and leg after being hit by a car on a night exercise along the A338 in Wiltshire on 23 September 1993. Bell, who was a corporal in the First Battalion Green Howards, is also bringing a case against motorist Stephen Donnelly of Tidworth, Salisbury. The writ says that prior to the accident Bell was an extremely enthusiastic and fit soldier, and that his army prospects were very promising.

Writ issued by Fenwick Elliott, London WC1.

A doctor of biology who claims she took unnecessary medication for paranoid schizophrenia for 20 years is suing her GP for more than £250,000. Anne Chamier, 59, claims in her writ against Dr David Woodroff that she suffered many adverse side effects from the drugs Stelazine and Disipal, which she took between 1972 and 1993. She is claiming damages for loss of the opportunity to obtain remunerative employment between 1980 and 1996 at £15,000 a year, a total of £240,000. She is also claiming for loss of future earnings and loss of future employment, as well as damages for her personal injuries.

Writ issued by Rosemary E Hensby, Worthing, East Sussex.

Sun Alliance Insurance UK is being taken to the High Court by Hexham farmer Margaret Nieuwland, who says she has been unable to work since suffering severe injuries after being hit by a tractor. She claims she took out insurance with Sun Alliance in November 1986 and that this would pay out £80,000 if she suffered, within a year, an injury which was the sole cause of permanent disability. Nieuwland claims that Sun Alliance only paid out £24,000 on 23 November 1995.

Writ issued by Nicholson Wood and Gregg, Hexham.