Fairer play on training

As one of the first of the LPC graduates of 1994 and one who has been unable to find a training contract, I was interested to read Tony Holland's article in The Lawyer 19 November.

I am a mature candidate with a wealth of experience in discrimination law. It is a sad state of affairs that anyone should be lost to the profession, particularly those with a strong interest in social justice.

The Law Society's appeal for greater flexibility in awarding dispensations to those who have gained valuable legal experience outside a training contract does not address this problem, because of the shortage of contracts and the fact that, because firms do not advertise, candidates often do not know where the vacancies are.

Larger firms have a particular responsibility to the profession and could assist, with persuasion from the Law Society, in a co-ordinated approach to the problem. I would prefer this to being put to even more expense to qualify.

Brenda Parkes

West Midlands.