Two Field Court head defects to Landmark Chambers

Civil set Two Field Court has been plunged into confusion by the imminent departure of its head of chambers Ashley Underwood QC to Landmark Chambers.

Public law specialist Underwood will move to Landmark in February 2006, leaving Two Field Court with 33 members, including just one silk, employment specialist Lucy Theis QC.

Underwood said his decision to leave Two Field Court was due to a change in the direction of the set.

Two Field Court senior clerk Michael Clark said that the matter of who will replace Underwood as head of chambers may have been discussed at a chambers meeting held last Thursday (3 November), but he did not know who that person would be. He declined to comment further.

Landmark’s head of chambers Patrick Clarkson QC said Underwood’s expertise was “entirely complementary” to the set’s public law practice.

Underwood said: “What I like about Landmark is its enthusiasm for its public law business.” He added that he was very sad to be leaving Two Field Court.