" I spent six months at the College of Law in the late 1970s.

I had completed a four-year law/European studies degree at Sussex University, where we were encouraged to think for ourselves and question. To go from that into what was essentially a course which put you on auto-pilot was a tremendous shock. In those days you really didn't have to think at all. You had to assimilate an enormous amount of information which was spoon-fed by lecturers. You sat in the same place every day. There was little social intercourse. It was incredibly dry.

The best way to achieve a good result in the examination was simply to regurgitate what you were fed. I did quite enjoy the commercial and family course.

It was a huge relief when it was over. Fortunately the course has changed beyond recognition. Criticisms of the content have been taken on board and it is much improved. The course places more emphasis on practice and procedure which prepares you better for life in a solicitors' firm."

Sandra Davis is head of the matrimonial unit at Mishcon de Reya.