Dibbs reviews management structure behind closed doors

NATIONAL law firm Dibb Lupton Broomhead is believed to be considering changes to its management structure after a partners' meeting at its London office last Thursday.

Sources claim a range of proposals for change were put to partners, but no new moves had been unveiled to staff when The Lawyer went to press.

Managing partner Paul Rhodes denies claims that a “major restructuring” of the firm's four divisions has been announced, saying: “We are always looking at various operations – generally not at the top but at the bottom – and making changes. But have we announced any major restructuring? No we have not,” he says.

However, insiders last week claimed plans for a possible revamp and change to divisional structure were discussed, with a view to implementing them by the end of the financial year.

The firm's company and commercial division is headed by Leeds partner Nigel Knowles, while London-based Philip Perry leads property. The litigation and insolvency divisions are headed by Andrew Chappell and Tony Bugg respectively.