CMH unveils progressive recruitment package

CITY firm Cameron Markby Hewitt is taking major steps forward in trainee recruitment, including a two-stage process involving new tests and an equal opportunities policy.

The firm, known for its progressive personnel approach, says the latest changes are part of an on-going series of developments and are due to be in place later this year.

Personnel director Roy Lecky-Thompson says: “Each year we have developed our procedures to make them more helpful and objective.”

The latest changes include a two-stage interview process, with a discussion group and numeracy test included in the first stage.

“We are focusing on what makes candidates successful, including numeracy and a strong business instinct.

Organisations often don't test those, or use untrained interviewers,” says Lecky-Thompson.

The firm set up an equal opportunities system for women through a 'career break' policy four years ago. Since then it has monitored the progress of ethnic minority applicants to prevent indirect discrimination. It now exceeds the Law Society recommended 10-15 per cent ethnic minority intake.

A draft equal opportunities policy document is hoped to be completed soon.

All firms will be required to have such documents next year if a new Law Society rule is accepted by the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Legal Education and Conduct.