B&M may lose role as partner quits for client

Baker & McKenzie‘s role as adviser to network services group Pangea is under threat as one of its lawyers leaves to launch the client’s own legal function.

Randal Barrett, a senior lawyer from the London office of Baker & McKenzie, is joining with another junior lawyer to become Pangea’s first general counsel and he plans to put Baker & McKenzie’s role under the spotlight.

The company has operations across Northern Europe, and at the moment Baker & McKenzie does the bulk of its legal work, but Barrett says he will review that soon.

He says: “Pangea has pretty much used Baker & McKenzie exclusively where they have offices, but I’ll definitely take a new look at which lawyers we use in each jurisdiction, because we use lawyers in about 10 different countries.”

The company uses Conyers Dill & Pearman in Bermuda, Philip & Partners in Denmark, Roschier-Holmberg & Waselius in Finland and Lepik & Luhaäär in Estonia.