IT unlocks doors for conveyancing

The Government's consultation paper in support of its manifesto promise to abolish gazumping has now been published. We know that legislation will be brought into effect probably at the beginning of the next Parliament in 2001 or there about.

Many people are already working on the development of a seller's pack concept and there is an official pilot starting in January in the Bristol area.

More important is the development of website technology. What is on the drawing board today will be in our offices next year.

We know that people already are surfing websites to find houses for sale and also for information regarding those houses.

To date the public has been very poorly served in its attempts to find out information regarding any property in which they were interested or more importantly perhaps in which they could be.

Websites are being developed which will show all kinds of social information including the categories of people that live in an area where a property is sited.

Conveyancing is about to undergo a major revolution and there are far too many members of our profession who are still finding fault with suggestions or advancement instead of looking forward to the vision when conveyancing will be different and it will be so for the benefit of everyone involved.

Brian J Marson, Marsons