Frankly, you look a M&S…

Frankly, you look a M&S…Tulkinghorn is rarely out of his dinner jacket, and so doesn’t understand the last-minute panic buying that lawyers go through the day before a big black-tie event.

A reliable mole informs Tulkinghorn that Ashurst senior partner Geoffrey Green fell into just such a panic on the day of The Lawyer Awards.

He rushed to Marks & Spencer (M&S) to procure himself a white dress shirt to go with his black tie, whereupon he bumped into Simmons & Simmons managing partner Mark Dawkins.

Rather awkward hellos and nods of the head were exchanged between the two law firm chiefs.

While Dawkins’ back was turned, Green quietly slipped out of M&S and hotfooted it to a more upmarket establishment for his dress shirt.
Tulkinghorn does wonder whether shopping at M&S helps Dawkins survive in London on a measly PEP of £647,000.