The mists are clearing

Tulkinghorn, who is something of an old fashioned gentleman himself, was surprised to hear that Ashurst Morris Crisp partners have been having sessions with a palmist. All very new age for a traditional City firm. On further investigation, it turned out the person in the head scarf was actually a legal recruiter who does a bit of palm-reading on the side.
Rumour has it that the palmist was overheard saying something along the lines of: “You’ve had a difficult year with a partner, whose name starts with F… er, maybe Frank. But you were never right for each other. Now you’ll have to go it alone…” However, this rumour remains unconfirmed.
Mind you, if the firm is looking for a ‘new age’ kind of partner, perhaps it should consider Pillsbury Winthrop. According to a US source, there is one senior Pillsbury partner who is well known for regularly hosting seances. You never know, if the stars are in alignment, Ashursts might even pull it off.