Middleton Potts fights off £30m legal action

A claim against law firm Middleton Potts that started off at almost £30m before being reduced to some £200,000 has finally settled.
The £108,000 paid by Middleton Potts into court by way of security will be retu-rned to the firm with interest.
The case against the firm and partner Richard Schmidt, brought by a subsidiary of Scottish engineering company Amec, advised by Addleshaw Goddard lawyer Philip O’Loughlin , ended after four days. Roger Stewart QC of Four New Square was Middleton Potts’ counsel.
The claimants’ independent witness said in relation to one of his main witness statements: “There are a number of inconsistencies. I signed it. I will stand by the consequences, but quite clearly, when you question me, I cannot now accept these witness statements as under oath.”
Correspondence between the claimants and defence lawyers Kennedys showed the claimants were originally seeking between £23.3m and £29.9m. They claimed that Middleton Potts’ negligence led to them not being able to purchase land within a development. The claimants subsequently re-duced the claim to £200,000 plus costs.