Rap poison

Trash-talking is not just confined to rap, it seems. Following hot on the heels of Berwin Leighton Paisner‘s performance of Joseph, which contained jibes to other firms, Allen & Overy (A&O) is the latest to dish out insults to rivals using the medium of song – Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, to be precise.

One of the more interesting Yuletide greetings that passed across Tulkinghorn’s desk was A&O’s 2007 alumni yearbook, with full coverage of A&O’s performance of the operetta, complete with photos of senior partner Guy Beringer as the Sergeant of Police (a visual metaphor, presumably.)

Readers were also treated to the full transcript of the firm’s version of I am the very model of a partner trained at A&O.

One verse in particular concentrated on magic circle rivals:
“At least I have been fortunate to have been trained at A&O. Those chaps at Links and Clifford Chance, they really don’t know where to go,
They only seem to care about increases in their PEP,
But we know all that matters is pro bono and diversit-ee.”

Quite. As Tulkinghorn said, Beringer had a big part in the production.

Davids Cheyne and Childs at Links and Clifford Chance really shouldn’t put up with that sort of disrespect. Tulkinghorn suggests a joint retort, perhaps emulating Tupac’s infamous salvo to his East Coast adversaries in Hit ‘Em Up.

So perhaps the two Davids could get blinged up and sing:
“Lawyaz think they learnt to fly
But they burned everybody, you deserve to die
Talkin’ ’bout you gettin’ money but it’s funny to me
All you lawyaz live in worry while you’re messin’ with me
I’m a self-made millionaire….”