Prince Evans trio takes senior partner to court over closure attempt

A trio of partners from Prince Evans Solicitors is battling to save the firm in the High Court after its senior partner attempted to dissolve the housing boutique.

Three of the firm’s five partners – finance director Robert Jennings, head of commercial Thomas Lemon and head of personal injury Bryan Neill – have launched proceedings against senior partner Louis Robert.

The claim form was issued by Herbert Smith after Robert attempted to dissolve the firm in September 2007. It is understood that Robert tried to unwind Prince Evans under the terms of the partnership agreement drawn up in 1994.

The three claimants argue that the 1994 partnership declaration was unexecuted and should be declared null and void by the High Court. It is argued that Robert’s attempt to close the firm should be taken as nine month’s notice of his retirement.

The trio also wants to force Robert to be bound by restrictive covenant agreements if he is either expelled or retires from the firm. Any such move would prevent Robert from announcing the firm’s closure as a result of his retirement.

The claimants refused to comment. Robert was unavailable for comment.