Cuatrecasas’s new Latin America chief sets sights on Mexico

Cuatrecasas has appointed a new lead partner for its Latin American practice as it looks to strengthen its presence in the region with a new office in Mexico.

The firm has transferred São Paulo managing partner Jaime Llopis from Brazil to Madrid to take over the post from Juliàn Garcìa Rubì.

Cuatrecasas is looking to deepen its relationships with its alliance firms in Latin America as Iberian companies increasingly look for new investment opportunities in the region.

The firm is planning to create a presence in Mexico, sending a group of two or three lawyers from Spain to work in the office of Mexican alliance firm Creel García-Cuéllar y Müggenburg.

Llopis said: “We believe that our next priority should be Mexico. Recently we’ve been investing in Brazil, but we consider the Mexican market at least as important. The expansion in Mexico will probably happen faster than in Brazil.”

Cuatrecasas is also looking to expand its reach in Latin America, holding talks with Brigard & Urrutia Abogados in Colombia and Muñiz Ramírez Pérez-Taiman & Luna-Victoria in Peru about establishing alliance relationships.

Cuatrecasas also works with Pérez Alati Grondona Benites Arntsen & Martínez de Hoz in Argentina and Carey y Cía in Chile.

Bilbao M&A partner Julián Lozano has transferred to replace Llopis in São Paolo, where Cuatrecasas works with local firm Machado Meyer Sendacz e Opice Advogados.