Clerks rage against Rolls Building lift ‘nightmare’

Clerks across the bar are up in arms over the number of lifts in the new Rolls Building, citing severe delays to hearings.

Concerns have been raised that, as most cases require large amounts of paperwork, having only three public lifts could result in delayed starting times, in turn resulting in extra costs for all court users.

“They’re trying to make all documents go online so it’s easier for everyone,” said one clerk. “But the reality is that in some cases disclosure can involve trolleyloads of files and somebody has to take that to the court. It’ll be a nightmare.”

20 Essex Street senior clerk Brian Lee said: “It’s not been well thought out and it’s a recipe for disaster. There’ll be a huge bottleneck as everyone waits for the lift.”

However, Tim Pollen, co-chair of the business managers’ group overseeing the move into the building, insisted that there was no need for panic.

“There are three public lifts designed with the ­footfall of the current court in mind,” he said. “It’s a ­concern that’s been raised, but let’s get in the building first and then see if it’s an issue.”

The Rolls Building is due to open in October.