A legal row is on the High Court stocks over Riverside Building on the banks of the Thames – London’s former County Hall. The battle is over use of toilets. Oceanic Village claims that when it took on the lease of the basement and ground floor of the premises for use as a high-quality gift shop there were no toilet facilities, water supply, drains or sewers. It claims that part of the deal, however, was that staff would be allowed to use the nearest available toilets. But in a claim now heading for the High Court, Oceanic says that in February last year the toilets in question were locked and staff were told they would no longer be able to use them. Now Oceanic seeks a declaration that it is entitled to use the toilets for the duration of the lease, and an injunction compelling the defendants to make the toilets available, or damages in lieu. Oceanic is represented by London-based Goldsmiths.