What the Practitioners say

CURBS on new solicitors, less Law Society staff, a less generous compensation fund and a conveyancing insurance levy for clients, are included in Martin Mears' election manifesto.

Due to be unveiled this week, it urges electors to vote in “the reform candidates” of Mears and Sayer, his running mate.

Among the proposals, rounded on as unworkable by Mears' rivals Henry Hodge and Eileen Pembridge, is a plan to transfer the cost of indemnity insurance in conveyancing transactions to a “disbursement directly levied on the client”.

An end to the building of regional offices and an external audit into the cost and usefulness of the present regional and Brussels offices is also planned.

Mears claims strong support from high street solicitors, but Hodge, the current deputy vice-president, says his plans are regressive and buyers will find the conveyancing plans “laughable”. Pembridge says it is evident that Mears and Sayer are making “stabs in the dark without any understanding of the real problems”.