Nabarros to base 180 in Sheffield

LONDON firm Nabarro Nathanson has announced plans to open its new Sheffield office in October.

The move, predicted in The Lawyer in June, is the first step in a two-phase project to expand the firm's northern practice.

Approximately 50 staff, including members of the company and commercial, em- ployment, commercial property and environment departments, will move from Nabarro's Doncaster office to a temporary office in the Steel City Plaza.

The main phase of the expansion – the development of a 40,000 sq ft office – is expected to be completed by autumn next year, when a further 130 staff will join.

David Bramson, who takes over from Jeffrey Greenwood as Nabarro's senior partner next year, says the firm, which has a satellite office in Hull, is currently recruiting staff into its Doncaster practice.

The new staff members will eventually be moved across to Sheffield.

He says the Doncaster office will be closed next year and Sheffield will then operate as the firm's northern base.

Major London partners Richard Hol, of company and commercial, and commercial property's Philip Lister will relocate from the London office to Sheffield in October

This will help to increase the strength of the northern-based partnership.

Bramson says the expansion into Sheffield is a sign of the firm's “strong commitment” to Yorkshire businesses.

He says the practice is looking at a number of other ideas for expansion and has “a couple of things” on the backburner.

“Our northern offices are of significant strategic importance to the firm,” says Bramson. “We did a lot of research and, because one of our major intentions is to serve industry, Sheffield seemed to be the sensible place to go.”