IBM pushes on-line info service

Simon Rogers reports

MAINSTREAM IT supplier IBM has recently launched a new on-line information service.

The new product, 'Tel-Me', is being aimed at lawyers and other business professionals. Developed by Wirral-based company Phonelink, it provides general low-cost information on-line either via modem or ISDN

It is presently on trial at one of the top five firm's offices and Phonelink chief executive Trevor Burke says lawyers are interested in the product.

"The response we've had from the legal community has been really phenomenal," he says.

IBM legal manager Elaine Richards agrees: "It has generated a lot of interest, particularly from the larger firms."

New packages specifically aimed at lawyers planned for Tel Me include an E-mail product, which could be potentially damaging in the long run for other products being offered in the marketplace.

At present it contains a range of information from a number of different sources: