It’s been a good week for

Five hundred of the UK’s top mobsters, who can rest easy after a study by the National Criminal Intelligence survey revealed that Customs & Excise has not yet cracked an £8.5bn annual drugs racket. It seems that it is not just petrol that is more expensive in the UK – more drug dealers are choosing to come here because of the price that the Brits are prepared to pay for Class A drugs. Cocaine users routinely pay around 10 to 20 per cent more than their European counterparts.

People who think that torture is not a good thing. They can celebrate after the highest court in Chile decided that former dictator General Augusto Pinochet no longer has immunity from prosecution. Pinochet must now stand trial for alleged human rights abuses during the 1973 US-backed coup. But Pinochet, who was apparently too ill and frail to be extradited to Spain when he was in the UK, remains optimistic, hoping to avoid imprisonment and return to have tea with his close friend Margaret Thatcher.

Those who park on yellow lines, after lawyer Jeremy Rosenblatt won a victory against the dreaded traffic warden. Rosenblatt had paid an £80 penalty and a £125 clamping fee, but Westminister Council threatened to double his fine due to late payment. He argued that the procedure adopted by the council had undermined his right to a fair trial under Article 6 of the Human Rights Convention. The council denies this but the danger of setting a precedent may be the reason it eventually dropped the fine.