McKennas buys time on waste plans

CITY firm McKenna & Co has won crucial breathing space for waste management clients by persuading the Government to slow down the implementation of new environmental laws.

McKennas convinced the Department of the Environment that it should put back the deadline for applications for waste management licences for effluent plants by eight months.

The previous deadline of last Monday allowed too little time for effluent plant operators to apply, says the firm.

Pamela Castle, head of environment law at McKennas, says postponing that provision of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994 alleviated confusion and worry among firms.

Castle says: “Our telephones rang incessantly with calls from companies we had never spoken to before.

“Industry was incensed that, contrary to expectations, the DoE had advised that the 1994 regulations did apply to effluent treatment plans.”

McKennas says waste regulation authorities were applying provisions of the new law differently, causing confusion among manufacturing companies.

The firm wrote an open letter to the DoE, and James Clappison, Under Secretary of State for the Environment, announced that the deadline would be put back until 31 March 1996.

Castle says: “While we are delighted with progress to date and industry has achieved a breathing space in which to influence legislation, continuing pressure from industry will be required.”