Firm tackles cosmetics giants

THE BEAUTY products of big-name companies have come under scrutiny from a Liverpool law firm as it attempts to reveal the extent of severe skin reactions suffered by cosmetics users.

The Ross Park Partnership has called for victims of allergic reactions and other adverse effects caused by cosmetics to come forward and assist in its research.

The firm is representing west London woman Marie Smith who has secured legal aid in her action against Clinique for injuries sustained after she used a combination of the cosmetic company's skin-care products.

Smith suffered pain, swelling and blistering about her face and eyes. She has received extensive treatment with steroids and has been left with a sensitivity to sunlight and a bagginess around the eyelids.

Ross Park partner Graham Ross says the UK, unlike the US, has no government agency responsible for regulating the cosmetics industry.

He says products labelled as “allergy tested” have been found to contain ingredients known to cause allergic reactions. Others have produced

allergic reactions when used in combination with other products, despite giving negative

results when tested individually.

“What this case [Smith] will highlight is the necessity for fair warnings to be clearly placed on all labels, together with a comprehensive list of ingredients with a layman's explanation,” Ross says.