Denton Hall fosters better client links

At least a dozen City law firms are queuing up to buy a marketing system being developed by Denton Hall and US firm Elite Information Systems.

George Brandon, operations controller at Denton Hall's business development department, says it is "the first marketing system to cover the full range of requirements for law firms or any professional practice that wants to develop its business".

The database system, which will be available in October, records both relationships between firms and their contacts and also relationships between contacts, even at several stages removed. It also provides tools to manage mailing lists, events and personalised mailings.

Brandon says: "We are now in a position to really manage communications with clients; we can tell at a glance whether we are saturating or neglecting them. At last we have an intuitive tool that will allow us to fully utilise the wide range of company and contact information that we hold."

The system is PC-based and linked to Unix via software. Dentons plans to introduce a Windows version of the system upon its October release.