Bar world tour sings praises of 'UK Legal'

BARRISTERS are set to enjoy a major international marketing boost this month from an unprecedented host of Bar Council initiatives at home and abroad.

Solicitors should also benefit from the efforts of the Bar Council, which claims the initiative will focus as much on publicising the UK legal profession as a whole as it will plug the activities of the Bar.

As most barristers head off on their “long vac” holidays, Bar Council chair Peter Goldsmith QC is starting a tour of major law conferences in the US, Canada, China and Hong Kong to promote Britain's lawyers and legal system.

“The Bar is intensifying its international outlook and profile, so we can sell UK Legal plc and also ensure people understand the range of services the Bar can provide,” says Goldsmith. “I'm not just playing for the Bar team, but for all British lawyers,” he adds.

The Bar has also just published a glossy, corporate-style international brochure to help market itself to foreign clients.

Subtitled “services to litigation,” the brochure emphasises the “excellence, quality” and modernity of the Bar.

While Goldsmith joins other UK lawyers at the American Bar Association conference in Chicago this month, a high-level Bar team including Mr Justice Hooper, ex-Bar chair Robert Seabrook QC and 'Archbold' editor James Richardson will spend a week in China explaining the workings of UK criminal law.

Goldsmith will be the Bar's first representative at the Beijing LawAsia conference of the Asia and Pacific Law Association on 16-20 August.