Stephenson Harwood looks east with new international strategy

Stephenson Harwood looks east with new international strategy” /> Stephenson Harwood has launched a fresh international strategy, dubbed the ‘New Silk Road’, which aims to ramp up its Asian offering and unite it with the firm’s UK office.

As part of the initiative the firm plans to strengthen its ties with Indian firms and work more closely with its own offices in Hong Kong, China and Singapore as the eastern economies increase their power on the global stage.

Stephensons managing partner Sunil Gadhia said: “The market’s moved east very quickly and we’ve been working harder to cement our ties with our offices out there. I think that for our size we’re pretty unique to have that.”

Meanwhile, partners in the firm’s London and Hong Kong offices have been putting together joint marketing events, including seminars on topics such as floating UK companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Gadhia said he had been travelling frequently to India to set up referral relationships with domestic firms.

“Hopefully we’ll be developing some strong, non-exclusive relationships with several firms,” he said. “But we’re not close enough yet to be comfortable getting into an exclusive relationship.”