Fools’ paradise

Our other bit of April fun concerned the sheep grazing on the grass-covered roof of Eversheds‘ new London office. The trial scheme, if only we hadn’t made it up, would see four sheep used to maintain the grass on the building’s flat eco-roof, a newly recruited animal welfare officer and waste used as manure on Eversheds’ (real) herb garden.

“Kensington Roof Gardens have flamingos and now Eversheds are to have sheep. It’s hilarious!” wrote one poster at 9.52. “This article has left me with mixed feelings,” wrote another at 10.53. “I wonder ;if ;any thought has been given to: 1. What structure the flock will form. 2. How diversity will be tackled. 3. The outcome if one of them should decide to jump.”

But by 10.49 the game was up. “It’s a joke,” posted killjoy ‘Richard’. “Either that or the word ‘gullible’ has been taken out of the dictionary.”

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