Allen & Overy: City promotions down a third

Allen & Overy: City promotions down a third” />Allen & Overy (A&O) has announced this year’s round of partnership promotions, making up 28 new partners, falling just short of its 2007 bumper crop of 32 promotions.

The number of promotions in A&O’s overseas offices increased further this year to 71 per cent of the total and London celebrated only eight new partners, down a third from last year.

Outgoing senior partner Guy Beringer said: “This year’s promotions reflect our continued commitment to strategic investment in our international network. They will also maintain the regional diversification of our business and the broad spread of the firm across different areas of practice.”

The finance and corporate departments again saw the bulk of promotions with banking and corporate getting nine and ten new partners respectively.

However, the international capital markets saw promotions drop by 50 per cent with only four new partners, after a record crop in 2007.

Only four women were made up to partnership this year (only 14 per cent of the total, which is down from 24 per cent last year, 18 per cent in 2006 and 20 per cent in 2005).

A spokesperson for the firm commenting on the dearth of female promotions this year said: “It seems to be out of keeping with the trends but we expect to return to normal levels in future.”

New partners:


Gerard Kastelein (International Capital Markets)

Christian Bayart (Employment & Benefits)

Suparerk Auychai (Banking)

Sophie Jacmain (Litigation)

Anzal Mohammed (International Capital Markets)

Olaf Meisen (Banking), Norbert Wiederholt (Banking)

Hong Kong
Roger Lui (Banking), William Woo (Corporate).

Conrad Andersen (Banking), Neil Bowden (Employment & Benefits), Richard Evans (Corporate), Jim Ford (Corporate), George Knighton (Corporate), Dominic Morris (Corporate), Paul Nelson (Banking), Deborah North (International Capital Markets)

Fabian Beullekens (Corporate), Jean-Luc Fisch (Tax)

Pasquale Cardellicchio (Litigation)

Konstantin Kroll (International Capital Markets), Stephen Matthews (Banking)

New York
Daniel Guyder (Banking)

Alexandre Ancel (Corporate), Florence Ninane (Competition)

Richard Kim (Corporate), Ji Zou (Corporate)

Tomasz Kawczynski (Banking)