Qualified – but for what?

Being a subscriber to your paper for two to three years, I believe I must write and state my experiences of the post-year of passing the Bar Vocational Course. It is not a happy story and I hope that if you publish this, it will put off anyone seeking a career at the Bar and so stop getting themselves heavily into debt.

I was called in November 1996 and passed the course at the Inns of Court School of Law in the same year. I was, unfortunately, one of the supposedly 1,000 students who did not obtain a pupillage. I have not even managed to obtain any legal placement whatsoever. I have applied to every set of chambers for pupillage, every solicitors practice in the South West, every legal agency in Britain and nearly all the main companies in Britain. I have made over 1,000 applications, yet have had no joy.

I know I am not alone and hope that this state of affairs is made known to the powers-that-be. I cannot afford to pay my rent and I guess the next beggar any lawyer sees could be a failed(!) Bar student!

Ian J Oldfield LLB Hons