Litigation Writs 4/11/97

Floyd and Lorraine Robichaux of Auckland, New Zealand, are suing Harvey Speakman, trading as Thames and Chilterns Letting and Management, of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, for more than £105,000 and damages. Their writ alleges they retained Speakman to manage property owned by them in High Wycombe from November 1994, and told him to put the central heating on for two hours every morning and night in autumn and winter to stop water pipes from freezing. They were also to let the property to EMI but inspect it every month. In January last year property was severely damaged by flooding caused by burst pipes. Writ accuses Speakman of negligence in failing to comply with express instructions and in failing to inspect the property. Plaintiffs say they suffered losses totalling £105,066, which includes a claim for loss of rent, insurance claim shortfall, the costs of plastering, rendering, carpentry, cleaning, relaying and refinishing parquet floors, electrical and plumbing work, and £5,000 for inconvenience, stress and anxiety.

Writ issued by Penningtons, London EC4.

Barbara Freeman of Chesterfield has issued a writ claiming damages from Coalite Products, Coalite Fuel and Chemicals, and Coalite Oils and Fuels. Freeman claims she developed renal cell cancer after being exposed to dioxins emitted from their chemicals plant at Bolsover, Shuttlewood, prior to closure of the plant's incinerator in November 1991.

Writ was issued by Leigh Day & Co, London EC1.

Agent Plant Group of Croydon is suing Balfour Beatty Railway Engineering, of Thornton Heath, Surrey, for £22,892 hire and associated charges in respect of goods supplied and for which Balfour Beatty was invoiced between September 1995 and October 1996.

Writ issued by Jeffrey Green Russell, London W1.

A Wrexham man is facing High Court action over a disputed will. Joyce Hickey, of Northwood, Middlesex, has issued a writ in the High Court against Colin Knights of Wrexham, Clwyd. Hickey is executor and a beneficiary in the first will of Adelaide Knights and is suing Knights as an alleged beneficiary named in what the writ claims is a "pretended" will of Adelaide Knights, dated 21 November 1986.

Writ issued by Elliots Bond & Banbury, London W7.