Clementi sparks surveyors into review of industry regulation

Sir David Clementi’s review of legal regulation is sparking action in other professional services industries.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) yesterday (Tuesday, 7 September) announced it has engaged Sir Bryan Carsberg to undertake a review of its regulatory function, prompted in part by government-driven consultations like Clementi.

Carsberg will examine all aspects of chartered surveyors’ regulation, including whether it needs to introduce measures such as practising certificates. These are obligatory for both solicitors and barristers.

Another option that Carsberg will be looking at is whether the RICS should become the designated professional body for the surveyors’ profession, making it, like the Law Society and the Bar Council, the government-appointed regulator.

Carsberg said: “What we’re looking at here is self-regulation. Good regulation is in the interess of the members of any professional body.”

The RICS review will report next year, later than Clementi’s report, which is due at the end of December.