Beau jest

It’s always tough when a relationship breaks down, but never more so than when the couple live together.

Awkward moments arise when you have to brush past each other on the stairs, or over breakfast in the kitchen before work, when neither is at their best. So, you’ve got to feel for Coudert Brothers and Squire Sanders & Dempsey, which had until recently been cosying up to one another and were on the verge of a formal engagement.

So close had they become that a couple of months ago Squire Sanders moved into the first floor of 60 Cannon Street, Coudert’s London residence.

Happy times indeed as flirtatious looks were exchanged in the lift, and both were looking forward to a bright future together. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. The two were just not ready to commit to a lifetime together.

Tulkinghorn hopes that both parties have the decency now to wait a reasonable period of time before bringing home a new beau. Or, if passion does get the better of either of them, then at least take the stairs.