Wragges: Top marks

Full marks to Wragge & Co. Not only is it proposing paying three times the statutory minimum to the 30 fee-earners currently in a redundancy consultation – a sum that rollonfriday reported as comparing favourably with some of its meaner rivals – but its doing its best to find them all jobs afterwards.

And the recruitment team is playing a pivotal role. It’s a sign of the times. Rather than twiddling its thumbs, Wragge’s internal recruitment team is pretty much becoming an outplacement team.

Recruitment head Julie Caudle apparently has plenty of experience doing outplacement work from the last downturn. And the skills of assessing candidates and looking at CVs are pretty much transferable. Its just a case of the candidates going in the other direction.

With the consultation still on, the firm won’t be pressed on how many jobs they are going to have to find, but one partner is quietly confident that there will be opportunities: “A Wragge CV is a good CV,” he said.

And news travels far and wide. Apparently a local firm in Dubai has been in touch with Wragge and is interested in having a few real estate lawyers out there to fill the ranks.

Of course no-one could claim that Wragge is doing its lawyers a favour by making them redundant. But helping ensure those individuals can continue to pay their mortgages during the slump is the least it can do to assist those that helped it profit during the boom.