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Learning aides
Law firms are great. ­Anything you need doing, you can get a lawyer to do it. At least you can if you’re the daughter of partners at an Indian law firm.

Legal news and chat site Roll On Friday (www.rollonfriday.com) reports that one ­forthright young lady emailed all the lawyers at her parents’ firm with a request to do her homework. And she copied her parents into the missive.

Roll On Friday ­featured the email in all of its cheekiness: “Dear All, Strange as this may sound, can any of you volunteer to do my homework :)? It involves spending about an hour online for online courses. The topics are very ­simple, such as bonus shares, macro ­economics risk management, ­mutual funds, business etiquette, fiscal policies etc and at the basic level. Do let me know.

Thanks in advance. Won’t forget this! :)”

Nor will any of the lawyers, it seems.

V-ing is believing

The US has a rich ­tradition of giving funny names to people and things. To honour this tradition, US litigation blog Supreme Dicta (www.supremedicta.com) trawled the country’s legal history to bring up some of the funniest case names on record.

While World War II was raging in Europe, the US courts found time for this gem: United States v 11 1/4 Dozen Packages of ­Articles Labeled in Part Mrs ­Moffat’s Shoo-Fly ­Powders for ­Drunkenness, (holding product was misbranded because it was not, in fact, a cure or treatment for ­drunkenness).
The challenge now for the litigators is to cite this as a precedent in court.