Tennant’s super

Tennant’s superEversheds, which is rarely off Tulkinghorn’s radar, accompanied a handful of ­Tulkinghorn’s acolytes to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s latest production of ­Hamlet, with the meet-and-greet helping to ease new managing ­partner Bryan Hughes into the media stewpot.

The evening was a ­success, mostly thanks to Doctor Who star David Tennant in the lead role.

But Tulkinghorn has noted that Hughes still might need a bit more training when it comes to the ­business end of media schmoozing.

Tulkinghorn has been told by those in attendance that Hughes ordered a beer at the bar, but grew impatient and left for his hotel room before it arrived at the table.

Tulkinghorn warns that ­spurning an ­alcoholic drink is a shocking bit of media