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Coronavirus Update: Working From Home (again)

A government campaign was launched in early August to actively encourage employees to return to the workplace in an attempt to boost the wider economy and revitalise city centres that had been left empty after months of lockdown. However, within two months, the pandemic appears to have taken a turn for the worse and the government announced yesterday that once again people should work from home wherever possible.

Ukraine relaunches privatisation

September 2020 – Yesterday, 22 September, the President of Ukraine signed the Law which amends the Law of Ukraine “On privatisation of state and communal property” (the “Law”), introduces parliamentary control over the privatisation of state property and “unfreezes” the preparatory procedures to privatise large-scale state-owned objects. The Law was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on 8 September 2020 and will become effective after its official publication.

Cyprus introduces film production incentives

Producers and media companies are invited to utilise the Cyprus landscape and infrastructure and enjoy a variety of legal, corporate and tax incentives for filming in Cyprus under the new Cyprus Filming Scheme.

Legal guide to pre-enforcement steps under Jersey and Guernsey law

The temporary Covid-19 protections offered by the UK government to businesses to prevent them from being subject to winding up petitions or wrongful trading actions are currently due to expire at the end of September (although an extension is very possible).


Crouching tiger

Ireland’s race to bring its infrastructure into line with its post-boom economy means there is still plenty for projects lawyers to be getting on with. With the celebrated Celtic Tiger finally ­tiring, a continuing demand for infrastructure improvements is currently offering welcome relief for many of Ireland’s top-tier law firms. The country’s infrastructure deficit – […]

Snack and grab…

Tulkinghorn has sent a few excitable scribes along to parties at Lovells in his time, and has always been impressed by their reports of great food and cocktails. But apparently Tulkinghorn is not the only one to be enticed by the promise of tasty canapés, following the news that a number of uninvited guests broke […]

Making trainees central to the business

National firm Irwin Mitchell is planning a radical overhaul its training ­programme, centralising its first-year training budget as part of the scheme (The Lawyer, 29 September). Traditionally the firm gave trainees six-month trial periods in four seats over two years. Now trainees will spend four months in three seats for the first year before choosing […]

Aled Griffiths

Focus Germany: Going Deutsch

Germany’s industrial economic strength means its lawyers are optimistic despite the downturn – and the German offices of UK firms are coming good too The word bullish was not made to describe German lawyers. Natural Teutonic reserve does ;not ;quite allow them to crow over their English partners. And the German gesture to signify mocking […]


Dead Zeppelin?

Mirroring the residential property market boom, conveyancing practices inflated in size like helium-filled balloons. And when the market began to fall, the sound of air escaping conveyancing practices reverberated through destinations like Milton Keynes, Leeds and the West End like the sound of a thousand raspberries being blown at once. Twenty-five at Fox Hayes, four […]

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