New team boosts Shoosmiths’ turnover

Shoosmiths has boosted its Birmingham income by 20 per cent just six months after hiring a social housing team from Cobbetts.

Head of Shoosmiths’ Birmingham office Joel ­Kordan, who joined from Cobbetts’ Birmingham pre-merger firm Lee Crowder in 2003, said: “There was a lot of pressure for the team to perform, but they exceeded their targets six months after joining, as well as ­creating spin-offs for the rest of the firm.”

Shoosmiths hired the 31-strong Cobbetts team along with its entire client list in March 2008, offering lead partner Andy Ballard equity. Ballard subsequently made three additional hires.

Former ;Cobbetts ­colleague Simon Denslow left Shoosmiths after what is understood to be differences over the restructuring of the housing team.

This came as Shoosmiths decided to open an office in Manchester to focus on mortgage recovery work.