Bates Wells holds Poetry Day breakfast

Bates Wells holds Poetry Day breakfastLondon charity specialist Bates Wells & Braithwaite has hosted a poetry breakfast with Cornish poet Sally Crabtree in advance celebration of National Poetry Day today.

Co-hosted with Scandinavian bank SEB in the canteen the two businesses share, the event yesterday morning was themed ‘work’, and involved lawyers and bankers being read poems and offered edible words – cakes with sugar poetry on them – to accompany their coffee.

Crabtree also served the firm a ‘poetic writ’ in a scroll to encourage more poetry in the law.

Bates Wells senior partner Stephen Lloyd (pictured) said: “Acting for so many arts and creative clients, Bates Wells and Braithwaite has always had an interest in poetry and was one of the founders of the charity Poet in the City.

“In the gloom of the credit crunch, our event to mark National Poetry day was an inspiring and intimate start to the day.”

Sally Crabtree added: “It has often been remarked that life in the City lacks a certain poetic sensibility. Urgent deadlines, long commutes and even longer hours put a block on creativity and expression. We were attempting to redress the balance and test out the old adage that “there’s not much poetry in money and not much money in poetry”.

In our own tribute to National Poetry Day, The Lawyerasked Crabtree to produce two The Lawyer-themed poems to mark National Poetry Day. The first read:

Here’s to a day that falls butterside up,
And a poet who’ll pour you out odes in your cup,
And offer you serenades sweeter than most,
And edible words, and quotes on toast!

It’s National Poetry Day and this year,
The theme is ‘Work’ so that’s why we’re here,
At a meeting at breakfast with all the law staff,
Hoping that poetry will make them laugh,
Having ‘The Lawyer ’ as the special guest,
Will make sure this Poetry Day is the best!

Yes, that’s what we thought.

“Quotes on toast, serenades and more!
Today we’re making it the law,
To try a little food for the soul,
At a breakfast meeting with a goal,
To add some sparkle to the day,
Poetic words are the only way!
We’ve invited The Lawyer as our special guest,
To make this Poetry Day the best!

Think you could do better? Then make your own contribution below.