Turning over a new leaf

It’s competition time again here at The Lawyer. This week’s prize is a corker. Direct from the library of soon-to-close Altheimer & Gray is a copy of the firm’s very own What Every Successful Lawyer Needs to Know About Accounting. To prove its authenticity, the book has an A&G sticker on the front and still contains the library card inside. (Although since 1995 the book has only been taken out twice.)

Anyway, you should all be aware by now (unless you’ve been living on Mars) that Altheimer is set to close after notching up $30m (£18m) of debt. This is your chance to own the very book that could have saved the day – had the partners ever thought to read it.

To win, simply answer this question. The most original or amusing answer in Tulkinghorn’s opinion wins.

Q: What book should Altheimer & Gray partners have read to help them avoid collapse?