Learning by mistakes?

Tulkinghorn’s scribes are often surprised by law firms’ attempts at PR, but Manchester firm Cobbetts has left them truly baffled.

Cobbetts is paying a bunch of University of Central Lancashire students to do their PR for them. An entrepreneurial (or should that be exploitative?) lecturer has set up a PR agency staffed by his students in a radical attempt at getting the good-for-nothing layabouts to do some work.

While Tulkinghorn is guessing that Cobbetts is getting a better deal than it would from some trendy Soho set, he is yet to be convinced about the success of the venture.

Since hearing of this innovation, Tulkinghorn has not heard a dicky bird from any Cobbetts people. That’s not like them at all. Perhaps it’s not so easy to tear the studes away from Trisha.