Lawyers get the runs

Cheerleaders at a rugby match? It can only be a self-publicising law firm looking for a cheap way to raise its profile.

Sure enough, when these lovely lasses turned around at the Taylor Root Rugby Sevens last Sunday, they revealed a neatly stencilled letter on each of their backs (see pic, right). Put together they spelled ‘ESKOFEE’. Luckily they remembered the right order just in time to reveal that well-known Soho outfit O’Keefe’s.

And that was not the only delight of the packed rugby fest. Major joy was had by the Dentons team, which emerged victorious for the first time in the main 32-team competition. The highly trained and ruthlessly prepared Freshfields team, traditionally the winners of the main gong, slunk off after being ignominiously thrashed in the second round. And true to form, the members of the William Fry team got well and truly stuck in at the bar, although they managed to avoid a repetition of last year’s shenanigans when their marquee rafter swinging brought the entire structure down on their heads.

Splendid stuff, and a record £6,500 raised for the Wooden Spoon Society to boot.