Eversheds picks over carcass of Denton’s European network

Eversheds is in talks with at least two firms from Denton Wilde Sapte’s collapsed European network, The Lawyer can reveal.

Head of international at Eversheds Alan Jenkins is leading talks with Dentons’ former Spanish member Denton Lupicinio, which in turn has introduced the UK firm to former Austrian member Baier Lambert.

It is understood that Dentons’ former German ally Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek attempted to broker talks between Eversheds and the network’s entire Continental membership of seven firms. However, a source close to the network told The Lawyer that the proposed deal with Eversheds was rejected by the Scandinavian members.

Heuking is not understood to be part of the talks now ongoing between Eversheds and the Spanish and Austrian firms.

An association would give Eversheds’ international strategy a much-needed boost after talks with Cologne-based Cornelius Bartenbach ended in failure in June (The Lawyer, 16 June).
Eversheds hopes that deals elsewhere in Europe will make it a more enticing prospect for German allies.