Untangling the Web for the profession

Since The Lawyer's launch a decade ago, one of the most frequently recurring themes has been information technology.

Getting to grips with IT developments has filled the profession in the intervening years with a mixture of fear and trepidation. Relationships between suppliers and lawyers have not always been easy, with many costly lessons being learned along the way.

However, most practitioners have now succumbed to the IT revolution and, indeed, have made it work for them. And while there are still IT illiterate lawyers who boast that they never turn on the PC on their desk, they are becoming a rarer breed by the day.

As a newspaper, we have committed a great deal of resources to covering the relevant issues and providing up-to-the-minute information on technology to the profession.

This week we have gone two steps further, with the launch of The Lawyer Web site, which we hope will make life easier for our readers who can, at a stroke, research back issues of the paper, look for jobs and generally communicate with us.

There is little doubt that the Internet will become increasingly important to lawyers over the next decade and we are sure that our Web site will prove highly popular.

The Lawyer has also made a major commitment to further developing awareness of IT within the legal profession by sponsoring the Solicitors and Legal Office Exhibition – you can be sure that we will be keeping you informed throughout the year of the various initiatives that we will be undertaking.

We look forward to working on both projects and welcome any comments that you may have on them. We also want to thank all our readers and advertisers for supporting us in the 10 years since our arrival on the legal scene.