Ashursts makes college deal

ASHURST Morris Crisp has struck a deal with the College of Law for all future Ashurst recruits to enroll with it.

Under the deal, which is the first partnership of its type, all 45 of Ashursts' annual recruits will attend the College of Law Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Professional Skills Course.

The firm is also sponsoring a new chair at the college. It will be filled by Professor Alan Pannett, who was Ashursts' director of training between 1988 and 1991 and has been a director of the training company BPP Professional Development since 1994.

He will take up the chair on 1 July and will design professional development courses for qualified lawyers as well as creating the college's new Professional Skills Course.

Nigel Savage, chief executive of the college, said: “This is a highly significant development in legal education, but at the end of the day it is still going to be the college LPC which is setting the same standards of teaching for everyone. What is different is that if firms want to add value to better prepare people for practice then we will facilitate that.”

He said the deal was designed to secure a “seamless transition” for trainees from their LPC course to full qualification, and he was currently talking to a range of City firms keen to increase their value for money in recruitment training.

The arrangements will give Ashursts' recruits the chance to take certain classes together, visit the firm's premises to gain practical experience and attend talks by Ashursts staff.

Roger Finbow, Ashursts' recruitment and training partner, said: “As the LPC course is changing this September, the College of Law is able to tailor it more to City firms. By putting all our recruits in the same place we know exactly what they are being taught.”