Poor old Bryan Cave. The diminutive (in London terms at least) US firm recently decided the time was right to start telling people who it is and what it does a little more loudly.

The 26-fee-earner office is looking for a little more bulk in certain areas, which means it needs to raise its profile. Consequently, after much soul searching, it decided to place its first-ever recruitment ad in The Lawyer. Under a large, all-capital headline screaming “Bryan Cave may be the most successful firm in london that you’ve never heard of”, the copy trumpeted the St Louis firm’s achievements and key areas.

Sadly, it also called the firm ‘Bryan Cane’. Somebody being less than Abel, perhaps?Tulkinghorn happened to be in the Bryan Cave offices the day after the advert was published and was assured by London office head Anthony Fiducia that the matter was under control and would be corrected. What Tulkinghorn was not expecting was how quickly that would happen.

Suffice it to say that if you didn’t see it, Tulkinghorn suggests you check out last week’s (30 October) issue of The Lawyer.