FFW moves into Poland with Laszczuk & Wspólnicy tie-up

Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) has boosted its presence in Eastern Europe, signing up five-partner Polish firm Laszczuk & Wspólnicy to its European Legal Alliance (ELA).

Laszczuk specialises in corporate, IP/IT, real estate and finance, fitting in with FFW’s practice focus.

Mark Abell, FFW head of IP/IT and chairman of the ELA, said: “They’re very international, all polyglots and sophisticated people. They have exactly the capabilities in terms of practice areas that we require.”

Abell said client demand had led the charge into Poland. “Poland’s a key market for investment for our client base. It has a strong economy with a lot of potential growth,” he said.

Laszczuk joins as an associate member, meaning it does not have a place on the ELA board. The firm could become a full member if it proves to be a successful addition to the alliance.

Laszczuk becomes the eighth member of FFW’s alliance. Abell said he had no plans to expand further and will concentrate now on consolidating existing ELA relationships.