Tyndallwoods takes Wills on Wheels to housebound

Birmingham firm Tyndallwoods is extending its one-hour will service by taking it into the homes of housebound clients.

According to partner Judy Dyke, the new service, called 'Wills on Wheels', is one more step towards removing all solicitors' work from the office and into the homes of clients.

Working with Lotus Notes, Dyke last year launched a one-hour will service which uses a system of integrated precedent and client work-in-progress databases.

Following a local mailshot, the firm is now available to take its Dell laptops and printers into the homes of housebound clients.

Dyke has used the Wills on Wheels service four times for legal aid purposes and is hoping it will soon attract private clients.

She says: “We are trying to rise to public demands by increasing the quality of legal service in general. Technology is a vital aid to this because it is quicker and therefore on a time cost basis, cheaper.”