Tax team advises junior Bar

John Malpas reports

BUSY junior barristers in danger of allowing their tax affairs to go "horribly wrong" are to be targeted by an Inland Revenue tax advice roadshow.

The tax team, from the Bloomsbury Inland Revenue office, is visiting all the Inns of Court in turn before the end of the summer to advise barristers on their personal tax affairs.

It will be particularly keen to talk to members of the junior Bar, who tend to lack the resources to hire their own accountants.

Last week a temporary tax enquiry centre visited Gray's Inn. This Wednesday, from 2.30pm, a team of three advisers will be on hand to offer advice and assistance to barristers in the Inner Temple.

Customer service manager Lucy Philip says the move is part of drive by Inland Revenue "to go out and talk to the people rather than waiting for them to come to us".

She adds that the office was encouraged to visit the Inns of Court by a barrister survey in which 20 per cent of the respondents did not know where their local office was.

She says: "We don't know how many barristers will take advantage of the enquiry centres, but we hope they will be particularly useful for young barristers.

"They are the ones who sometimes can't afford to hire their own accountants and who can end up getting huge, unexpected bills."

The enquiry centre days will coincide with the General Commissioners for Income Tax appeal hearings. For more details ring Lucy Philip on 0171 388 1200.