Litigation Recent Decisions 11/07/95

Farmer Gary Coomber is seeking compensation over what he claims are the effects of toxic sheep dip. Coomber, of Headcorn, Maidstone, Kent, is suing Young's Animal Health, of Glasgow, and Mallinckrodt Veterinary of South Harefield, Uxbridge. His writ claims he suffered illness, including myocarditis and heart disease, as a result of exposure to sheep dip at his farm in June 1991, June 1992 and May 1994. It says the sheep dip contained toxic chemicals and organophosphorous pesticides, and blames his condition on negligence and breach of statutory duty in manufacturing, producing and supplying the sheep dip.

Writ issued by Leigh Day & Co, London WC1. C1003.

A claim for books and papers said to be worth £1.2 million has been launched by George Kanyiehamba of Cardiff. He is seeking return of the property from the Berkshire firm of Kuehna and Nagel. In addition to seeking an order that they hand over various text references, books, publications, leaflets, letters, personal and other papers, which he claims are worth £1,261,426 he is asking for damages for loss and damage caused to the items and for alleged negligence and breach of contract.

Writ issued by Field Fisher Waterhouse. K323.

British Rail is being sued over an accident at Chilham station, Kent, in which a passenger's feet were cut off by a moving train. The victim, Zulkarnain bin Ibrahim, was travelling in the seventh carriage of an eight carriage train and according to his writ had planned to get off at Wye station. However, it says because he could not open the door he could not get off as he planned. When the train arrived at Chilham, he managed to open the door and although there was no platform outside climbed down onto the track and took out one of his suitcases. As he reached into the train for the second case, the train suddenly began to pull out and the open door hit him on his back, making him fall with his feet caught between the running rail and the wheels of the train. Both his feet were cut off by the wheels.

Writ issued by Girlings, Dane John, Canterbury. Z336.

Raouf Khoury of Peterborough who was hurt when a lorry carrying explosives in Peterborough in 1989 exploded, is suing lorry owners Nobel Explosives Co, of Stevenston, Ayrshire, for damages.

Writ issued by Greenwoods, Peterborough.