Pillsbury partner takes up role on Irish Competition Authority

Terry Calvin, a partner from US firm Pillsbury Winthrop, has been appointed to the Irish Competition Authority

Washington DC partner Calvin was a commissioner of the US Federal Trade Commission during the Regan presidency and will become the first person to serve as a competition official in two different countries.
Calvin will have a dual role: he will sit on the commission’s tribunal and will also head up the cartel investigation unit. The post was advertised publicly and it is understood that more than 100 people applied.
Ireland has just passed legislation that will strengthen its cartel regime with the introduction of tough criminal sanctions, similar to those available in the US. Calvin’s experience of the criminal antitrust regime in the US leaves him well placed to run Ireland’s cartel unit.
The appointment is for five years, during which time Calvin will take a leave of absence from Pillsbury Winthrop. He will take up the position formally on 20 May.
Pillsbury Winthrop chairperson Mary Cranston said in a statement: “[Calvin’s] skills will greatly benefit Ireland, and conversely, upon his return he will share his new experiences with the European Union with our many clients who have international interests.”