Londoners dominate Linklaters leadership

Three super-global heads created; Anglo-Saxons overwhelm executive committee

Linklaters has retained a London stranglehold on its global firm, despite a long-running corporate governance review.
As revealed in The Lawyer, (22 April) Linklaters has created an international governance board and new executive committee (excom) to replace the old Linklaters & Alliance management structure, known as the international policy committee. The international board has been elected (see box) and the full membership of the excom has been finalised.
The aim was to reflect the diversity and geographic spread of the firm while also creating a distinction between how the firm is managed and governed. However, only one non-London partner has been appointed to take on the mantle of super-global head, which automatically earns a place on the excom.
Three super-global head roles have been created, covering commercial, corporate, and finance and projects. German litigation head Klaus Saffenreuther will share the commercial role with London partner Christopher Style. David Cheyne retains his position as a corporate global head, while London-based Giles White takes on the new global head role for finance and projects.
On the excom they join an overwhelming majority of Anglo-Saxon representatives, namely: firmwide managing partner Tony Angel; former alliance chief executive Terence Kyle, now managing partner for the Americas; chief operating officer Jim Wadia; finance director Nick Heywood-Waddington; and Asia managing partner Andrew Roberts. The Continental members are French managing partner Jean-Marc Lefèvre and German managing partner Markus Hartung.
Commenting on the shared role for Saffenreuther, senior partner Anthony Cann said: “He doesn’t have the full support in Munich. He has a very heavy practice schedule and it’s therefore sensible to share out the role. The litigation practice in Munich is very small. It’s one thing to take out a practice head in London [to dedicate time to this role], but it is more difficult in other places.”
The firm’s non-excom global practice heads are John Tucker for banking and Michael Camby for capital markets.
Cann said that there are not enough non-London candidates suitable for global practice head roles. “We always look to find the best person available and I would certainly hope that we would not find that it is always a Brit that fits the bill.”

International board election results
Americas Bob Smith
Asia Tony Grundy
Belgium and Luxembourg François De Bauw
Central and Eastern Europe Csaba Berecz
France Gilles Endreo
Germany Rudolf Colle and Ulrich Wolff
London commercial Anna Carboni and Diana Good
London corporate Michael Cutting and Jeremy Parr
London finance and projects Robert Elliott and Jim Rice
Sweden Martin Borresen

Non elected members:
Chairman Anthony Cann
Vice-chairman Michael Oppenhoff
Firmwide managing partner Tony Angel

Executive committee members:
Firmwide managing partner Tony Angel
Managing partner – France Jean-Marc Lefèvre
Managing partner – Germany Markus Hartung
Regional managing partner – US Terence Kyle
Regional managing partner – Asia Andrew Roberts
Chief operating officer Jim Wadia
Director of finance Nick Heywood-Waddington
Commercial Christopher Style and Klaus Saffenreuther
Corporate David Cheyne
Finance and projects Giles White